How to get the home of your dreams

Posted on 14 April 2017 by Samuele Palermo

Do you know the tricks to slow, enjoy the moments for the choice of the furniture of your house?Try Slow Design:Buy carefully and "slow", think, stop and evaluate the best solution, impulsivity will repent!Choose sustainable furniture, ask where they come from, what materials are made and if they...

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Ciambr'art Urban Garden with aRks3d in Monreale

Posted on 03 April 2017 by Rosanna Romano

Ciambr'art arts and crafts reopens the doors of the most attractive neighborhood of Monreale.From April 29 to May 1, 2016 starts the journey through the medieval streets of Ciambra between tradition and innovation: old and new trades, some now extinct, other contemporary, revisited or linked to...

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Back to childhood, new children toys between tradition and innovation

Posted on 05 August 2016 by Samuele Palermo

We are the first "Generation Y", which we had no idea what was revolutionizing our lives!We still played with dolls and toy cars. What memories and nostalgia of our cartoons.From this the idea to create an object that embodies the concept of contemporary, through the shape, but pushes us to the...

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How to build your brand identity

Posted on 05 December 2016 by Samuele Palermo

Whatever is your business or your profession, you need to build the image of your brand in order to be recognizable, through which should be clear the values and the style that your brand identity has incorporated. Choose a name, a payoff and a perfect image that explain and summarize the idea of...

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The truth about arks Bow Tie 3d printed

Posted on 30 July 2015 by Rosanna Romano

The advantage of having a 3D printer is that you can make build what you need especially in the most difficult moments!Do you break a handle? Printed.Do you need a support for your desk lamp? Printed.In this case, the missing piece was an accessory, essential I would say ... a Bow Tie!It was a day...

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Geometry and technique, tradition and innovation, art and technology, an unusual mixture

Posted on 26 November 2016 by Rosanna Romano

Old and new, tradition and innovation, art and technology in an unusual mixture that gives complementarity, uniqueness and color.The crochet art joins the 3d techniques, machine and manual compares, in collaboration with unexpected outcomes.Unusual shapes given by the interpenetration of unusual...

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