How to get the home of your dreams

Posted on 14 April 2017 by Samuele Palermo

Do you know the tricks to slow, enjoy the moments for the choice of the furniture of your house?
Try Slow Design:
Buy carefully and "slow", think, stop and evaluate the best solution, impulsivity will repent!
Choose sustainable furniture, ask where they come from, what materials are made and if they are recyclable.
Choose flexible furniture that can adapt well to different uses, you will have the freedom to change your interior and save money!
Buy handmade or customized products, maybe local craft, you will boost the economy of the place you live in, will improve the relations with the people of your place and above all you'll have a unique, exclusive piece, made for you and your home!
Finally, let your house grows with you, regains the pleasure of decorating your home and gradually, every piece of furniture will be truly researched, thought and it will denote your own person, your sensitivity, your taste!

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