The truth about arks Bow Tie 3d printed

Posted on 30 July 2015 by Rosanna Romano

The advantage of having a 3D printer is that you can make build what you need especially in the most difficult moments!
Do you break a handle? Printed.
Do you need a support for your desk lamp? Printed.
In this case, the missing piece was an accessory, essential I would say ... a Bow Tie!
It was a day of friend’s wedding, after days of preparation about what to wear, looking for combinations and accessories, the morning of the fateful day, we lost the bow tie! We have lost the bow tie!
Disappeared, vanished, run away!
No problem!
After the panic, returned the lucidity, the idea: print it!
Bow tie 3d printed for him, hair clip 3d printed coordinated for me.
How did it go?
Sensational Success!

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