Digital Handmade,aRks 3d, Sicily

Posted on 15 October 2015 by Super User

The artisans of the past had to use all their energy to make a real artifact. Today, however, you just own a 3D printer to create, produce and distribute your creations. This phenomenon has generated design practices entirely new, respect to the world of traditional design, which is precisely the possibility of a "design download." It is a huge revolution, that embraces the creative world and an architect from Palermo was impressed as well, Rosanna Romano, for aRks 3d. Her creations, in fact, change the traditional production process because they are shaped by a recyclable and environmentally friendly material, Pla, a biopolymer derived from corn. After graduating in architecture in Palermo and having attended the ASA College in New York and the Domus Academy in Milan, she works for Afuture in Copenhagen, deepening the sustainability aspects in technological innovations. There was born her interest for 3D printing and technologies to the point of creating the ARks3D brand, which is a collection of self-modeled and self-produced projects ranging from table accessories to jewelry, from vases to lamps, to the bikini.

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