who we are

Samuele and Rosanna, IT developer and architect, we are the team of arks.

We share the same enthusiasm and passion for technology and creativity.

Every day we discover new possibilities and new techniques, trying to meet the needs of our "customers", transmitting aRks style.
Our goal is training and exploration of a significant and sustainable design, which combines "form and function", through knowledge, research and experimentation.

We put great emphasis and value to manual work, combining new technologies and 3D modeling production.

We offer original and functional 3D design services, focusing on the execution of each detail, turning every idea into an emotional product, an object can offer a unique experience as unique and personal is the object offered, designed and built for each individual need.
From material to form, from the concept to the object ...

Furthermore, we work in a fabulous place, in an ancient neighborhood, behind the illustrious Monreale Cathedral, in Sicily,
so every day we are inspired by so much excellence.

An innovative and meaningful design passes from heart, hands and eyes.

The result: innovation and revolution.

Our service

Workshop 3D Technology

3D Technology Courses and Workshop

Product design

We design and produce unique and customizable accessories and furniture

3D Technology

We provide 3d printing, 3d scanning and laser cutting

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