Coral is the first 3D printed bikini collection made by aRks 3d. The innovation of the concept, of the design and of the work process makes these unique pieces ever, giving an unrivaled experience to the wearer. Coral is ergonomic, ecological, unique and tailored.

Coral, wear the innovation and the future!

credits salvoveneziano/palermofoto
giovanni ombrello/palermofoto

The collection, inspired by marine corals, is 3d printed with cotton inserts. Enriched by aRks3d accessories, Bracelet and necklace recall the bikini concept in colors, materials and shapes.

The bracelet Morph, 3d printed, refers to organic and natural shapes

FlowerNeck is a Necklace, 3d printed in rigid PLA, in contrast to the softness of the bikini, emphasizes the curves and shapes of the figure.

Morph and FlowerNeck, unique accessories in shape and production process. The contrast between the flexibility and the adaptability of the costume and the rigidity of the accessories give it sensuality and completeness to the collection.

Also underwater, Coral remains dry and breathable because made of Pla-Flex

The bikini can also be used as normal undergarments

Two colors of the collection signed aRks 3D, black and white

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