Maiolica is the innovative tiles made of wood instead of ceramic, engraved by CNC machining. Our research started from the idea of original majolica decoration and production. We reinterpreted the ancient Sicilian decorative tradition, combining the technological and digital aspects.
The amazement effect is given by the material aspect, wood instead ceramic. The color of the engraving gives a more tridimensional value, a depth, new and unexpected appearance more exciting than the original version.
Decorations and carvings derive from a careful study of tradition, which was derived from imitation and reinterpretation of nature. Organic or geometric shapes depending on the age of belonging. Even the different uses change the style of decorations, the tiles for flooring are different from those for vertical coatings. In any case, every single tile was painted by hand, here we study and design each tile as well.
The innovation: digital fabrication and creativity.

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